Harris Writing Solutions International   

Our Mission

To provide solutions for our clients’ writing needs by transforming ideas into powerful messages that enhance businesses, groups and individuals.

Transforming your ideas into powerful messages – anywhere in the world.

Does the thought of writing send your mind whirling? You aren’t alone. It’s difficult for many people to get a great idea out of their heads and onto a piece of paper. Others have writing skills but not enough time or they want an expert to edit or proofread what they’ve written.

Either way, Harris Writing Solutions International can make your life easier. Whether your needs are big, small or in between, our team of professionals will ease your mind – and your time.

Our experienced professionals work with you to determine your needs, offer guidance and create solutions that work for you.

The Harris Writing team creates publicity, promotional, marketing and branding materials as well as documents, reports and letters. We also provide distribution, editing, proofreading, photography, project management and we build and maintain client databases.


  • Make a good impression the first time.
    Too often, materials go out with writing errors that leave readers scratching their heads and turning away. An experienced professional knows how to put words together so they make sense. That means using proper grammar, punctuation, structure, correct spelling and avoiding clichés and overused phrases.
  • The right message for the right occasion.
    Professional writers adopt different styles for different purposes. At Harris Writing, for example, we deliver light-hearted, fun messages or serious, formal messages and anything in between.
  • Good communication gets good results.
    Well written newsletters, brochures, flyers, letters, news releases and other promotional materials say you care about your business or organization. That translates into a sense that you give the same attention to those you serve. And, that translates into positive results – increased sales, donations, referrals, etc.